September 2006 - Posts

Helper Tools and Utilities

Hopefully everybody knows about NUnit, NAnt, and FitNesse, but here are some other cool tools/websites derived from a variety of sources.

Time Snapper - Track your time by taking screenshots through out the day to see what you're working on when. - Check all travel sites for the lowest rates

Digg - News for the people, by the people. Users decide the most popular stories. - Post your Favorites online and see how many other people are saving the same link

Tom Binh - Industrial strength bags for Laptops Computers and other stuff.

Xemantex - Double click to call a Web service and double-click on any word to find it's meaning.


Obi Oberoi

Patience a virtue for Windows Vista

Last week, I took the liberty to install Windows Vista and even went so far as installing Office 2007, IE 7 and the like (of course all beta versions).  To my utter dismay, it was a frustrating experience. 

Much before, I could begin to appreciate the virtues of Vista and its family of products; I was constantly disappointed to see the browser freeze on me repeatedly.  So much so that I decided to uninstall the above, restore my machine to its original factory settings and go from there.

 The moral of the story is to let Microsoft fix all its bugs and wait for the RTM.  Until then, make hay while the sun shines!!!

 Obi Oberoi